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About me

Petra Bensted is my name.  Why Chilli Mimi?  4 years ago I discovered that I wanted to learn more about photography.  Running my own business for the past 12 years, was very rewarding and time consuming, but I was looking for something to balance my life.  I really needed to Chill (that’s where the first word came from) secondly I wanted something to link to my childhood memories, even though my name is Petra, my family have always called me Mimi.  So Chill Mimi Photography made sense.  (To me anyway)

My life has been filled with many adventures.  I migrated with my parents to Australia, from Germany in 1965.  I have travelled many roads, and travel is always on top of my list.

Photography is a medium that allows me to bring joy to people’s lives.  I get the opportunity to record great moments in time, the beauty and the obstacles in our world.

I love to really connect with people and find their inner character.  Everyone has a story!

Do you see what I see?

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